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This book assumes that you have completed your study for the BAK examination.

It has been written as a companion to Bob Tait's: VFR [DAY]STUDY GUIDE BASIC AERONAUTICAL KNOWLEDGE [BAK]. It is designed to complete the theory requirements outlined in CASA's VFR [DAY] AEROPLANE SYLLABUS, part 4, block 1 & 2 for the private pilot licence theory examination.

The syllabus items have been organised into subject areas and presented as parts.

  • PART 1 Aeroplane Operation, Performance & Planning
  • PART 2 Meteorology
  • PART 3 Navigation
  • PART 4 Air Law
  • PART 5 General Knowledge 'top up' [CSUs & Compass Errors]

Within each section you will find a set of sample questions to test your understanding of that section. All questions are followed by fully explained answers.

The CASA syllabus is very wide-ranging and care has been taken to ensure that every item is covered. Priority has been to keep the text simple and each subject area has been presented at a level appropriate to a student pilot who has completed a course of study to the BAK level.

Bob Tait's PPL book is designed to take the student from the BAK level to the CASA cyber exam for Private Pilot Licence. Contains hundreds of exam standard questions including the sample questions from the CASA question data base which were released by CASA to help students prepare for the cyber examination.

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