$14.95 $4.75
Just about every kind of comb you will ever need and stored in a handy fold up satchel. Set has 10 Combs plus storage bag

$19.95 $6.95
PediSpin Electronic Foot Callus Removes Calluses Dry Rough Skin Corn Remover Shaver File Foot Care Tool Pedicure Pedi Kit Set. Features: Ergonomic...

Well the wife, who is a qualified Beauty Therapist said to get these for the female pilots so I did and after receiving them they got the wife's seal of...

$8.95 $0.95
High quality stainless steel cuticle tool for lovely looking nails Material: Stainless Steel Perfect for nail decoration For Nail and Toe Nail Use...

$34.95 $27.95
Make no mistake, these Professional Hair Clippers by famous brand Pritech are one of the best you can get. Cordless, so much easier to use without worrying...

$7.95 $1.95
Soft cotton eye mask for deeper sleep or to relax when light. Random colour sent when ordered but colours available are Yellow, Mauve, Orange and Light Blue

White French False Nail packs for acrylic and gel nails in packs of either 100, 250 or 500. Each pack has 10 sizes in each so: 100 pack = 10 of each size...

$39.95 $4.95
Reduce the puffiness from under your eyes with this easy to use roll on 24K Gold eye cream. Handy applicator with ballpoint style applicator that you just...

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Teardrop Nail Art Rhinestones Deco Glitters Gems, 3000pcs, 12 different colours in a handy storage box. Features: Beautiful decoration for your...

Forget about the cheap plastic cotton buds that bend and break from the supermarket...these traditional strong wooden shaft cotton buds, in packs of 100,...

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Forget your BB cream, the new generation in makeup cream is DD Cosmetic Liquid Foundation Cream, it's a long lasting moisturiser concealer that is...

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Going out on that special occasion, would like to dress up even more, how about a tattoo placed exactly where you want it but be able to remove it the...