Cuticle Tool - Stainless Steel

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High quality stainless steel cuticle tool for lovely looking nails

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for nail decoration
  • For Nail and Toe Nail Use
  • Great for professional or home use
  • Nail cuticle nipper / clipper: Designed for cutting fine edges
  • Push back cuticle and trim dead skin around the nail and hang nail
  • Remember to remove any dust & glue with acetone after use.
  • Both end pushing edges are curved to prevent slip of the cuticle
  • Can be used as small spoon to applied dip powder on nail wrap
  • Nail Cuticle Spoon Pusher: Each has two different sizes end, total 4 sizes
  • Use either end to push back cuticle or clean under nail
  • Nipper length: 9.5cm
  • Cuticle pushers length:12.5cm and 14.5cm
  • This cuticle savor has a bell shaped end for pushing/and or cutting your cuticles to perfections, conforming to your nail.

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