Nail LED UV Mini Lamp

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LED is all the go these days instead of UV Lamps when curing nails and this one is powerful but handy.


  • Environment Protection : light use of LED, non-harmful substances to human body
  • Energy Saving: LED is a low power devices, low power consumption machine
  • Doesn't produce heat or hot
  • Portable ,not easily broken
  • Light weight,small cubage, convenient operation, quick and flexible switch, long life makes it so popular around the world. The curing lamp can be used for drying gel on the finger nails and the toe nails,Specially for curing gel nail and UV top coats.
  • Flash dry and full angle drying is the two major characteristics of this machine.


  • LED UV Lamp Nail Dryer
  • Voltage: 220 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 9w
  • Timer :30s
  • Long life: more than 50000 hours
  • Cold light, no harm to your skin
  • Fast dry time,with the use of LED nail gel, the dry time is about 15-30 seconds

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