$22.50 $6.95
Complete nail care kit for beautiful manicures and pedicures. Complete 12pc in a leather case. Features: Material: Stainless Steel Size(LxWxH):...

$12.50 $0.95
Large 2 sided nail, course and fine, file and shaper in economical packs of 5. Random colours sent

$7.95 $0.95
Nail glue for either Nail Art or attaching False nails.

$12.95 $3.95
100 piece pack of Nail Guides used in Nail Art and Nail Extensions using Acrylic and Gel Size: 9.6 x 3.8cm 100pcs/pack, Crystal Armor Photo-therapy Nail...

$34.95 $14.95
LED is all the go these days instead of UV Lamps when curing nails and this one is powerful but handy. Features: Environment Protection : light use of...

$24.95 $5.95
100% Natural Essential Depilatory Cream for complete hair removal. Unlike cheap alternative creams that can burn and harm your skin, these are made from...

$79.95 $22.95
PAITER Titanium Reel Curling Wand model HC-74 with insulated bag. Features: Titanium Metallic Curling Barrel The cord freely rotates Fast heat up...

$34.95 $27.95
Make no mistake, these Professional Hair Clippers by famous brand Pritech are one of the best you can get. Cordless, so much easier to use without worrying...

$14.95 $3.95
What the professionals use, Yamadi eyeliner/eyeshadow in different colours to give your eyes a charming and appealing look. The texture is very soft and...

$29.95 $4.95
Snail Essence Serum is all the rage throughout Europe and on advice from 2 French Girls that we know in the beauty industry in France, we rushed out to get...

$19.95 $3.95
Super soft and slightly beveled cosmetic brush. Taklon brushes are more hygienic than real hair brushes. Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps...

$7.95 $1.45
Going out on that special occasion, would like to dress up even more, how about a tattoo placed exactly where you want it but be able to remove it the...