Composiclean Spray Wax - 3.75ltr


Clean windscreens and give your vehicle or aircraft that really slippery effect through the air. Super Spray-Wax™ is neutral pH and SAFE. Will not attack composite components or assist corrosion. With real Carnauba wax and other cleaning and conditioning additives, this product is sure to satisfy. Provides a great shine and superior protection. Try it with one of our MicroFiber cloths. 1 Quart with commercial quality trigger sprayer.

You will be amazed at the finish you will have and it is just so easy to apply and wipe off with the simple spray on-wipe off Composiclean Super Spray Wax. GREAT for windscreens

Buy in bulk and SAVE!!!

Why is a neutral pH wash so important - Read here

Testing compared to non neutral pH products - Read here

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