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Nylon self locking cable ties in an economical pack of 100...You can never have too many of these around the home or in the garage Specifications:...

Size 1: 30cm x 1.27m
Give your panel, or anything else for that matter, a unique look and feel as if its carbon fiber.This high quality vinyl film can be applied on...

$7.95 $2.95
This Universal Fuel Filter Features an ultra fine filter element and permanently enclosed in a clear plastic housing. They hold up very well to heat and...

$12.50 $0.50
Box of 10, W2W T5 12V 2W clear car interior bulbs or instrument lights

Specially designed label sheet with many popular used decals. Easy to read placards and labels for marking controls, switches, circuit breakers etc on...

$40.00 $32.50
.041 Diam
SAFETY WIRE SS 1 LB CAN - .020, .032 or .041 Diameter Corrosion and heat resistant safety wire to AMS 5687 , 1800° F. One pound Spool

9 inch
SAFETY WIRE TWISTERS SPRING RETURN 6" or 9" Twists perfectly every time. These pliers have an automatic spring return.

$27.95 $21.95
Works instantly. One dab on a damaged screw head provides instant torquing power for easy removal. A drop on your screwdriver can increase torque up to...