Cushion Clamp


Loop-type, wedge cushioned, line support clamps, made of aluminum alloy. Meets Specification MIL-C- 8603. DF in the part number designates fuel resistant. F in the part number designates fuel resistant, W in the part number designates it is cushion wedge type and will not pinch line.

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Item #TypeTube SizeEquivalency AN742
MS21919-WDG2Wedge1/8 inD4C
MS21919-WDG3Wedge3/16 inD5C
MS21919-WDG4Wedge1/4 inD6C
MS21919-WDG5Wedge5/16 inD7C
MS21919-WDG6Wedge3/8 inD8C
MS21919-WDG7Wedge7/16 inD9C
MS21919-WDG8Wedge1/2 inD10C
MS21919-WDG9Wedge9/16 inD11C
MS21919-WDG10Wedge5/8 inD12C
MS21919-WDG11Wedge11/16 inD13C
MS21919-WDG12Wedge3/4 inD14C
MS21919-WDG13Wedge13/16 inD15C
MS21919-WDG14Wedge7/8 inD16C
MS21919-WDG15Wedge15/16 inD17C
MS21919-WDG16Wedge1 inD18C
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