Pitot Tube Cover

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These covers fit snugly over standard aircraft pitot tubes, and are vented to avoid pressurizing the pitot-static system. Keeps dirt, contamination, and insects from entering the pitot tube. "remove before flight" streamer hangs off the cover as a prominent preflight reminder to pilots. Molded in the U.S., the cover is heavy-duty plastic material; the 2" x 17" red banner is bright red with white screen printing for maximum visibility.

Pitot Tube Cover (Blade Style) Fits many aircraft including Piper Cherokee, Warrior and Arrow etc.

Pitot Tube Cover (3/4"--large) Fits many aircraft including Cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 182, 200 Series, Skymaster etc

Pitot Tube Cover (5/8"--small) Fits many aircraft including Cessna 300 & 400 Series, Conquest, Beech singles and twins, Piper Navaho and Cheyenne, Mooneys, Mitsubishi and Cirrus

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