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The Claw - Single

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The "Claw®" Aircraft Anchoring System. The harder you pull, the more it grips the earth. The only tie down with a mechanical advantage.

Designed exclusively for aircraft. Protect your investment with this Revolutionary new aircraft anchoring system.


  • Easy installation... Easy removal. No more struggling with screw-in anchors
  • Light-weight aircraft aluminium with hardened corrosion resistant spikes
  • Tremendous holding strength. The harder you pull, the more The "Claw®" grips
  • The "Claw®" system has a 3600 lb. combined capacity
  • Strategically located directly under tie-down points of aircraft to reduce tripping hazards
  • Low profile will not puncture tires
  • Ideal for all aircraft up to a light twin
  • Includes: 1 Anchor and 3 spikes
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

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