Portable Luggage Digital Scale 40kg x 20g

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You can never be too careful when loading luggage and other items making sure you have the correct weight. These portable electronic scales will manage up to 40kg per item and convenient to carry and store.

Small size and convenient for carrying
Buzzer alarm and zero reset when power on
Auto power off when not in use
Auto lock data when after weighing is complete. Press "TARE" for about 2 seconds to turn on/off the locking function, press "ON/OFF" to unlock
UNIT: key for changing weight unit from kg-LB-Jin-OZ, 1kg=2Jin=2.2Lb=35OZt

Power: 2X AAA batteries(Not included)
Measuring units: LB/KG/JIN/OZ
Maximum weight: 88lb/40kg/80jin/1410oz
Minimum weight: 0.06lb/20g/0.04jin/1oz
Dimensions: 85 x 50 x 20mm
Color: Black
Suitable for: Around the home, shopping, fishing, storing items on shelves etc.
Net weight: 85g

Packing content:
1 x Black Digital Weighting Scale
1 x User manual

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