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Having its genesis in 2004, the Recreational Flying web site was originally created and devoted originally to Australian Recreational Pilots. Since that time, it has continued to grow and evolve in both popularity and scope. Today, content is managed and mediated by a group of volunteer administrators on behalf of its community. The community now spans a broader scope of interest as well covering many different forms of aviation.
Due to its global popularity the scope of the site was also extended, with the inclusion of Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA specific forums. It also aims to include topics related to non-recreational aircraft.

What is Recreational Aviation?

As an abstract concept, it applies to any aspect of aviation pursued for pleasure. Apart from what one may expect, it also includes, for example, aircraft spotters, static model builders, radio controlled aircraft enthusiasts, pilots and aircraft owners.
More often, it refers to recreational flight activities that are governed by a legislative framework which defines multiple classes of Recreational Aircraft and the conditions under which civil aviation authorities delegate management and operations of sporting and recreational aviation to participant based aviation organisations.
Those wishing to delve deeper should look at the information provided by those organisations in your country. Of course, you can also join this site and ask questions.
The legislative framework enables some types of recreational flying to be conducted at a much lower cost than the General Aviation of old, which used to be the only avenue for private pilots. To do this, there are some restrictions to the privileges, as well as exemptions from some of the costly and onerous aspects, of General Aviation. Recreational aviation enables people to buy a factory built aircraft, build one from a kit or even design and build their own as well as obtain pilot training and various capability endorsements.
So welcome to the Recreational Flying web site and we all hope you find here, amidst the masses of information, some assistance in your flying endeavors no matter in what form of aviation you participate or what form of aircraft you fly. Thank you and please always remember to think about safety!
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