We are a family concern here and after 12 years of running an aviation products store we decided to split the store into 2 components. Firstly we kept the ever popular ClearProp store for pilots and aircraft owners but also opened a general products store. This is why you may see some products that have a broad appeal and use available in both stores.

We found that pilots not only needed discounted pilot and aircraft supplies but also every other kind of product at discounted prices from what they could find retail. Also as we were trying to get more and more lower prices for them in aviation by dealing direct with manufacturers, buying in bulk, going to product auctions etc, we began to find more and more manufacturers, suppliers and products that we could also offer to them at ridiculously discounted prices. And this is how we expanded into a vast product range, and more different products arriving every day, to offer to the wider public.

Hopefully the word gets around to more and more people and as the customer base increases so so to does the quantities that we can order to get even better prices for everyone as buying in higher quantities reduces the prices even further. So thank you for using our store and please help everyone else by spreading the word about us more and more by telling them that they can save so much by simply purchasing their needs right here.