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Pilots are inherently drawn to puzzles; all types of problem-solving, and flying along playing the "what-if" game are characteristics in their nature....

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Early aviators had to be both mechanic and pilot... early airplanes and engines were less than completely dependable. In a forced landing situation, they...

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Now includes the oral and practical test guide! An excellent, fully integrated, two-in-one tool! All Jeppesen maintenance test guides include an...

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The principles of flight are essential knowledge for all pilots. To understand the behaviour, stability and control of an aircraft leads to an...

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Soft Cover
The finest, most versatile logbooks for aviators. ASA's logbooks have been "The Standard" of the industry for over 30 years and comply with the FAA's...

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A thorough but easy to understand booklet on aircraft weight and balance. Produced by the FAA for all light sport aircraft (LSA), very light jet (VLJ) and...

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The latest edition of the traditional FAA text on instructional technique and principles of instruction. Very easy to read and very relevant.

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This book assumes that you have completed your study for the BAK examination. It has been written as a companion to Bob Tait's: VFR [DAY]STUDY GUIDE...

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This interactive CD-ROM helps pilots learn how best to present themselves to the airlines at job interviews. The audiovisual format allows would-be...

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Many vintage airplanes, aerobatic planes, cropdusters, and ultralights are taildraggers, which means there are a large number of pilots who need to...

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One pilot’s personal journey in many of the classic aircraft - such as the Spirit of St. Louis, Aerobatic Bonanza and Martin 404. This is a pilot’s...

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A New Series for Recreational Pilots Training books by Dyson-Holland First book is the ‘Ground Training Manual – BAK’ • Written for the new...