24 Gauge
Tefzel hookup wire is available in different gauges from 10 to 24. Use for all your wiring hookups. Sold in 1 foot (305mm) increments

$33.00 $22.95
Holds all the necessary flight paperwork right where pilots need it, leaving their hands free to fly. Simple to...

$14.95 $1.95
With this Micro USB host OTG cable, it lets you connect a USB device directly into a micro input device like memory sticks (Flash Drives), Mouse,...

USB universal mobile charger,10 in 1, for efficient charging of multiple devices, phones, tablets, GPS, etc. A plug for just about any occasion so get rid...

$14.95 $3.95
A universal 360 degree mount with a suction base. Fits many devices due to its universal clamping action Easy Mount suction technology enables you to...

$149.95 $119.00
Focused on air band, VHF band, VHF low band (66-88 MHz) and WFM broadcast band, this narrow band receiver has exceptionally high sensitivity and outstanding...

$79.95 $59.95
This TED antenna measures 3.0938" long, and installs in a .505" mounting hole. BNC female coaxial connection. Features Teflon dielectric and antenna...

$7.95 $6.95
Tefzel 4 Gauge Power Cable is perfect to create the main power lead to your battery. Sold in 1 foot (305mm) increments

$129.95 $112.95
HM-234 speaker microphone for the A14, A15, A6 & A24. This is the replacement microphone for the HM-173. L-Style Connector.

$525.00 $485.00
Designed for Light-Sport Category Aircraft. Voice Activated and Push to Intercom Modes. Pilot fail safe feature allows pilot to always hear radios....

$520.00 $475.00
TSO approved. Pilot fail safe feature allows pilot to always hear radios. Works with all brands of General Aviation headsets. Reversible face plate...

$42.95 $15.95
This TF/Micro SD Card has a whopping 64gig of storage space and not only that but it is Class 10, the highest class you can get which means it's the...