Sourcing Service

We have access to over 200,000 different lines of products and services however if you have a product or service that you need and we don't carry either in-stock or can obtain from one of our vast list of distributors, we can source that product or service specifically for you.

There is no extra cost, it is a free service that we offer as there may be other customers that also would like to have it available to them.

There are many many new products and services being released all around the world every single day which makes it hard to keep up with what is available out there for you. By using our FREE Sourcing Service we get to hear about new products and services from you which helps everyone and keeps us at the forefront of providing you the best product range possible.

To use our FREE Sourcing Service simply contact us by either using the Sourcing Form below or give us a ring on +61 3 9444-8025 and tell us as many details as you can about the product or service that you is simple as that.

Also, if you are a manufacturer or distributor and have a new product or service that you would like to offer to our large customer base then please, contact us so we can work together to bring new and exciting products and services to our large customer base.