Aircraft Pilots 2 Place Portable Intercom

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Aircraft Pilots 2 Place Portable Intercom

Introducing the Aircraft Pilots 2-Place Portable Intercom, your essential companion for seamless communication in the skies. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this intercom system revolutionizes in-flight communication for both pilots and passengers alike.

Equipped with a remote Push To Talk feature, pilots can effortlessly control transmissions while maintaining focus on flight operations. Whether coordinating maneuvers or relaying crucial information, this hands-free capability ensures clarity and efficiency throughout the journey.

Tailor your audio experience with the integrated volume control, allowing for personalized sound levels to suit individual preferences. From subtle background chatter to clear, amplified transmissions, this adjustable feature guarantees optimal comfort and communication clarity.

Experience enhanced clarity with the squelch control functionality, effectively filtering out unwanted noise interference for crystal-clear transmissions. Whether soaring through clear skies or navigating challenging conditions, rest assured that every message is conveyed with utmost precision.

Compatible with General Aviation headset and microphone plugs, this intercom system seamlessly integrates with existing equipment for hassle-free setup and operation. With universal compatibility, pilots can rely on consistent performance across various aircraft platforms.

Powered by a 9-volt battery or capable of being hardwired into an aircraft, this versatile intercom system offers flexibility and convenience to suit your needs. Whether embarking on a short-haul flight or a cross-country expedition, count on the Aircraft Pilots 2-Place Portable Intercom to deliver unparalleled communication capabilities throughout your journey. Elevate your flying experience today.

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