Aircraft Pilots ANR-1 Bluetooth Headset

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Aircraft Pilots ANR-1 Bluetooth Headset

Move over $1,000 plus ANR Headsets, introducing the Aircraft Pilots ANR-1, the pinnacle of pilot headsets combining cutting-edge Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology with seamless Bluetooth connectivity. Engineered for optimal performance and comfort, the ANR-1 ensures crystal-clear communication and immersive audio experiences in the cockpit. With its advanced noise-canceling capabilities and wireless connectivity, pilots can enjoy unparalleled focus and convenience during flights. Elevate your flying experience with the Aircraft Pilots ANR-1 headset – where innovation meets excellence in aviation communication.

Key features

  • Active Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR): 29dB
  • Passive Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR): 23dB
  • Bluetooth enabled for music and phone calls
  • Auxiliary 3.5mm audio input . (cable included)
  • 3-Way Audio Priority Switch: A) Intercom Priority, B) All Audio Sources, C) Intercom Only
  • 3-Color Power/Battery Status LED
  • 4-Function Bluetooth Status LED
  • Uses 2AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Ultra comfortable faux leather cushions
  • Premium speakers and microphone for crystal clear audio
  • Dual plugs for GA

Comes with a FREE Headset Bag and Aircraft Pilots Keyring

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