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All Nature Real Leather Washing Chamois 43x32cm Details: Width: 32 cm Length: 43 cm Special Features: Strong absorption of water Material Type:...

$78.00 $69.50
Chemtronics has designed a unique, two-part wet/dry cleaning and static control system. The Pre-saturated pad cleans and applies a static protection while...

$24.95 $9.95
Bucket-Wash™ concentrate is neutral pH and safe and effective on all aircraft. Bucket-Wash™ will not attack composite components or assist corrosion....

Pumis-Power Hand Soap Effective on the toughest grease, grime & stains, leaves hands soft, smooth & clean with a fresh citrus scent. Cleans with or...

An effective Alkaline Cleaner - NOT NEUTRAL pH. Great for exhaust stain removal, carbon deposits, Acid rain streaks,engines...

Clean windscreens and give your vehicle or aircraft that really slippery effect through the air. Super Spray-Wax™ is neutral pH and SAFE. Will not attack...

A simple but effective spray cleaner - NOT NEUTRAL pH. A mild alkaline cleaner for removing dirt and light...

$9.95 $2.25
Wash your aircraft with ease by simply putting your hand into one of these Microfiber Washing Gloves. Specification: High Quality. Washing...

$9.95 $6.95
Multifunctional duster for dashboards, computer equipments, around the home, anywhere that dust can pile up. This microfiber duster will get into every...

$17.50 $12.50
12" Super-Soft blade water thrower. Dry big (clean) surfaces quickly SUPER TIME SAVER!