Dyson-Holland BAK (RAAus - including HPL)

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A New Series for Recreational Pilots

Training books by Dyson-Holland

First book is the ‘Ground Training Manual – BAK’
• Written for the new RA-Aus syllabus
• Edited by David Eyre (RA-Aus CFI)
• Loosely based on the new Jabiru 160-C (but equally suited to other ‘3-axis control’ types)

Subject content:
• Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
• Air Legislation (Pre-Solo & Pre-Certificate)
• Flight Radio Endorsement
• Human Performance & Limitations (‘Human Factors’) included

Teaching content:
• Review Exercises for each Chapter
• Subject Tests for each subject (to match the RAA exams)
• Answers to all Review Exercises and Subject Tests (and Marking Charts for the Subject Tests)

Physical details:
• About 200 diagrams; about 600 Review Exercises; 227 multi-choice Subject Test questions

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