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Dyson Holland - Cross Country Ground Training Manual.

The Ground Training Manual — Cross-country Endorsement covers the ground training for a student’s training leading to the issue of an RA-Aus Cross-country Endorsement — a ‘licence’ permitting the student to fly ‘cross-country’ in non-controlled (Class G) airspace. The manual has been structured to follow the new RA-Aus syllabus. Again, the emphasis with this manual is simplicity and thoroughness. For convenience, the manual is bound ‘loose-leaf’ in a white 4-‘D’ ring binder.

The manual consists of about 350 pages and contains more than 150 diagrams. Included in the pocket at the back of the binder are a Ground Training Progress Chart (to keep track of the completed training and record the pass marks for the Subject Test); full-colour cloud charts; Subject Test Answer Sheet master; and three (black and white) World Aeronautical Chart reproductions.

The ‘teaching material’ contains more than 400 Review Exercises (with answers) plus over 200 progress test questions (with answers). There are two Subject Tests (to prepare the student for the written exams conducted by her/his flying school on behalf of RA-Aus) — Cross-country Endorsement Subject Test.

Cross Country contents include:
Part 1 — Navigation and Flight Planning
Chapter 1.1 — Air Navigation Basics
Chapter 1.2 — Air Navigation Calculations
Chapter 1.3 — Time and Time Systems
Chapter 1.4 — Aeronautical Charts
Chapter 1.5 — ‘Map Reading’ and Chart Preparation
Chapter 1.6 — Visual ‘Pilot’ Navigation

Part 2 — Meteorology
Chapter 2.1 — Atmospheric Fundamentals
Chapter 2.2 — Clouds
Chapter 2.3 — Pressure Systems and Fronts
Chapter 2.4 — Wind
Chapter 2.5 — Hazardous Weather
Chapter 2.6 — Aviation MET Services
Chapter 2.7 — ‘Visual’ Weather Flying

Part 3 — Flight Planning
Chapter 3.1 — Flight Planning — An Introduction
Chapter 3.2 — Cross-country Flight Rules
Chapter 3.3 — Flight Plan Preparation
Chapter 3.4 — In-flight Monitoring and Diversions

Part 4 — Review Exercises, Subject Test and Answers
Chapter 4.1 — Review Exercises
Chapter 4.2 — Subject Test
Chapter 4.3 — Answers

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