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Welcome to Clear Prop, your premier destination for all things aviation!

Step into our world of flight where the sky is the limit and aviation dreams take flight. Nestled in the heart of Melbourne and servicing all of Australia and New Zealand, Clear Prop is more than just a pilot and aircraft supplies shop; it's a haven for aviation enthusiasts, both seasoned pilots and aspiring aviators alike.

With a passion for flight that soars higher than the clouds, Clear Prop offers a meticulously curated selection of top-quality pilot gear, aircraft supplies, and aviation accessories with top industry brands plus our own manufacturer sourced products. From headsets to flight bags, instruments to cockpit essentials, our extensive range caters to every aspect of your flying needs, ensuring you're equipped with the best tools for your journey.

At Clear Prop, we understand that aviation isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle. That's why our knowledgeable and friendly staff, comprised of experienced pilots and aviation enthusiasts, are always on hand to provide expert advice and personalised recommendations, ensuring you make the right choices for your aviation adventures.

Whether you're just beginning to learn the joys of aviation, preparing for your next cross-country flight, upgrading your cockpit with the latest avionics, or simply seeking inspiration for your next aerial escapade, Clear Prop is your trusted partner in the skies. So come visit us today and let your aviation dreams take flight with Clear Prop – where passion meets precision, and every takeoff is a new adventure.