MY-CO Carbon Monoxide Detector, USB Powered

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MY-CO Carbon Monoxide Detector, USB Powered

The MY-CO Carbon Monoxide Detector is flight safety in a compact device. The smart design uses a USB power source to power up and give constant CO monitoring when travelling. The convenient USB pass through prevents blocking available USB ports needed to facilitate other devices in the cockpit. MY-CO starts sensing at 1 PPM with the warning starting at 20 PPM +-1, triggering the red LED alert wig-wag.


  • 1 Second alert response
  • Auto power On/Off
  • LED alert WIG WAG red flashing
  • Alerts at 20 PPM
  • Detection range from 0-1000 PPM
  • Resolution of 1 PPM
  • No batteries required
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Includes protective case

MYCO Operations Manual

1) Plug MYCO into your USB Port.
2) You will see the unit go through a self-test. First it will flash one green led indicating its powered up. Then it will flash all red Leds twice, and finally go steady green. Steady green means its sensing your cabin air.
3) Add this to your pilot panel scan.
4) If C0 levels reach a dangerous level, MYCO will go into wig-wag red flashing Leds.
5) Follow theses steps if you see RED WIG-WAG FLASHING

1. Turn off the cabin heat.
2. Open fresh-air vents.
3. Open your cabin windows.
4. Land as soon as practical.
5. Tell ATC.
6. Get Medical attention.



Weight:  .54 oz

Dimensions:  15/16 x 2 x 5/8 inch

Sensing:  MY-CO starts sensing at 1 PPM, warning starts at 20 PPM +-1 PPM

Range:  0-1000 PPM

Alert response:  1 second

Resolution:  1 PPM

Port type:  USB Type A, pass through to USB Type A

Batteries:  No batteries required

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