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Compass - Pedestal

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Compass for Southern Hemisphere

Features: It is used in a small aircraft to determine and indicate magnetic heading of the aircraft. Dial is soaked in kerosene and sealed completely. It has a simple structure and a reliable operation. CM-24L has a lighting system (12V, 24V & 36V)

Specifications: When the compass compensation is adjusted to neutral position, the error of the compass is ±2.5 degree. Fiction error is no more than 1 degree. The effect of the compass compensation is from 10 to 40 degree. Ambient temperature is -60 to +60 degree centigrade.

Antivibration: It is in accordance with the technical specifications. When the compass is in the ambient condition of 20-50HZ frequency, 1.5g overload vibration; when there is 3h vibration, it has not any kind of mechanical damage. It is in accordance with the standard of TSO-C7d.

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