Two Man Tent - only 1.8kg

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Two Man Tent - only 1.8kg

Going to the top of Mount Everest - this aint for you. Flying in the jungles and rain forests of the Amazon - extra heavy duty and "HEAVY" tent needed there BUT, need a two man tent that is small and light enough to keep in your plane for when you get caught out by weather - THIS IS IT!!!

A two person tent for camptime fun! Take your mate, your bestie, your clandestine lover, hell even your spouse if you have to!

This Armatory tent is plenty big enough to accomodate two people but packs down so small you'll think it's a Barbie tent. Except it's not pink. Thank God for that - although if you don't have a pink plane then this is the perfect accessory!

It weighs only 1.8kg, packs up to 600mm long x 90mm x 90mm - perfect to keep in the plane just in case you get held over by weather - saves heaps on hotel/motel rates!

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