Aircraft Pilots GA Microphone Splitter - 0.9m

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Aircraft Pilots GA Microphone Splitter - 0.9m

Overview: The Aircraft Pilots GA Microphone Splitter - 0.9m Long is an essential accessory for general aviation pilots, designed to enable two microphones to connect to a single aircraft audio jack. This splitter is particularly useful for enhancing communication between the pilot and co-pilot or passengers. With a length of 0.9 meters, it provides ample reach while maintaining a compact and manageable size.


  • Dual Microphone Connectivity: Allows two microphones to be connected to one aircraft audio jack, ensuring both users can transmit clear and distinct audio.
  • High-Quality Audio Transmission: Maintains excellent audio quality without interference, ensuring clear communication vital for flight operations.
  • Standard GA Compatibility: Features PJ-068 plugs and jacks, compatible with standard general aviation (GA) audio systems.
  • Robust Construction: Made from durable materials designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the aviation environment, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Optimal Length: The 0.9-meter (3 feet) cable length provides sufficient reach for various cockpit configurations, reducing the risk of tangling and obstruction.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Compact and lightweight design for easy transport and storage, fitting conveniently into flight bags.


  • Flight Training: Ideal for flight schools, enabling instructors and students to share a single microphone jack for improved training and communication.
  • Private Flying: Perfect for pilots who wish to share microphone access with a co-pilot or passenger, enhancing in-flight interaction.
  • Aviation Tours: Enhances the experience for passengers by allowing them to communicate effectively during scenic and informational flights.


  • Connector Type: PJ-068 plug to dual PJ-068 jacks
  • Cable Length: 0.9 meters (3 feet)
  • Weight: Lightweight for ease of portability
  • Material: High-durability cable and connectors designed for long-lasting performance

Usage Instructions:

  1. Insert the splitter’s PJ-068 plug into the aircraft’s microphone jack.
  2. Connect each microphone to the splitter’s corresponding PJ-068 jacks.
  3. Ensure secure connections for optimal audio performance.
  4. Test the setup to confirm both microphones are transmitting clear audio.


The Aircraft Pilots GA Microphone Splitter - 0.9m Long is an indispensable tool for any general aviation setting requiring dual microphone connectivity. Its reliable performance, durable construction, and optimal length make it a must-have accessory for pilots who prioritize effective communication. Whether for flight training, private flying, or aviation tours, this splitter ensures clear and simultaneous audio transmission for all users.

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